EMA II 20 HD-1

The EMA II 20 HD-1 electric articulated forklift is designed for heavy duty use. Even with a maximum load capacity of 2 t and maximum lifting height of 11 m, it's still capable of weaving through aisles measuring at least 2 m in width, and is a valuable asset in that you can achieve 45% for storage space and optimise handling costs. It's also useful for supplying assembly lines and moving loads horizontally.

Operator safety is increased with the overhead guard supported by four uprights, the downward movement cut-off mechanism and height-based speed limiter. Simple and effective, find out more by visiting your local Manitou dealer!

10.56 m

2000 kg

10 kW


2.56 m

1.25 m

2.75 m

6900 kg