MLT-X 735-120 LSU

The MLT-X 735-120 LSU is a robust, versatile and powerful agricultural telehandler. It has a lifting capacity of 3.5 tonnes up to a height of 6.9 m and its 120 horsepower engine and LSU (Load Sensing Ultra) system provide you with both the power you need for your farm and the precision required for specific tasks.

Its compact size, full 360° visibility in the driver's cab and easy-to-grasp controls will win you over from the very start. The large number of compatible attachments available make this handler a veritable multi-tool carrier for daily support in cleaning stables, handling manure, feeding the animals, preparing mixes, storing bales as well as anything else you may have in mind!

6.9 m

3500 kg


124 hp


4.79 m

2.4 m

2.3 m

7100 kg